Acavallo 3D Memory Foam Half Pad

Acavallo 3D Memory Foam Half Pad

  • $199.90

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This Memory Foam saddle pad combines the Acavallo shock absorbing therapeutic gel benefits with the exclusive properties of memory foam for:
- Superior Shock Absorption
- Avoidance of rubbing & friction
- Improved saddle fit & pressure distribution for extra relief

If you have one saddle that is used on multiple different horses, a saddle that doesn't quite fit 100% or a horse that is constantly changing shape, YOU NEED this saddle pad!

This saddle pad is designed to ensure even weight distribution from your saddle by compressing under pressure points and expanding where there are hollows or bridging.

Far superior in design and quality, this saddle pad is great value for money at only $199.90

Available on order approx 4 weeks

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