Acavallo Gel Seat Saver with Dri Lex

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Available on order allow 4-6 weeks for delivery 
    This Gel Seat Saver from Acavallo is unique in that it offers stability and security for the rider as well as comfort. 
  • Shock Absorbing 
  • Breathable gel construction supports the riders upper body stabilising the seat bones and preventing unnecssary movement. 
  • Good for riders with back problems as it reduces concussion in the lower back 
  • Gel covered with Dri-Lex material to make it discrete on the saddle. 
  • Please note these seat savers are sized as follows Medium 16 to 17 inches and Large17 to 18 inches.

How you wash and the frequency of washing controls the stickiness of the gel. To retain normal traction without too much tackiness hand wash in hot water with a touch of fairy liquid or similar detergent and leave to dry. To maximise the traction and stick effect of the Gel Out Seat Saver machine wash at regular intervals at 30 degrees on a delicate wash and then leave to dry.

If you size/colour/type is not in stock this will take approximately 2-3 weeks on backorder. We have most sizes/colours in stock

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