Acavallo Long Panel Soft Gel Pad

Acavallo Long Panel Soft Gel Pad

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The flagship of Acavallo gel pad is featured by products that use therapeutic gel as feedstock, the same used in health care to promote the patients’ health. Acavallo gel pad has a remarkable ability to absorb shocks; it is non-slip, antibacterial, and non-toxic. Non-slip gel means the pad does not move on the horse’s back, and the saddle, once positioned, does not move on the pad.

The Long Panel Soft Gel Pad is a non-toxic, anallergic amortizing product used also in the hospital for decubitus problems. This extremely lightweight gel pad can be used directly on the horse’s back, it’s shock-absorbing and anti-slip. This gel contains in its chemical-physics structure a mineral and purity oil with cicatrizing and eutrophic properties. It is made for saddles with a long panel, like western and endurance saddles.

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