Bit Clean Wipes

Bit Clean Wipes

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Flavoured wipes that offer an easy and hygienic way to clean and sanitise the horses bit after use!

  •  Removes the need to rinse bit under water, preventing leather getting wet
  •  Will encourage horses and ponies to accept the bit when being ridden
  •  Ideal to encourage young horses to mouth when introducing bitting for the first time
  •  Ideal for horses that are reluctant to open their mouths when being bridled
  •  Improves salivation
  •  Ideal for show days when in between classes
  • Available in Peppermint or Apple flavour - please make your selection from the dropdown menu below

Directions for use

For Bit Cleaning: For best results wipe the bit thoroughly all over after removing the bridle. This will remove any saliva and debris easily and quickly before it dries on the mouthpiece of the bit, bit rings, shanks of the bit and curb chains.
For introducing the bit, bit shyness and mouthing: Before trying to place the bit in a horse’s mouth for the first time or if the horse is bit shy, gently rub a wipe around the outside of the horse’s lips, this will encourage the horse to lick his lips and relax before introducing the bit to the horse’s mouth. With a fresh wipe, rub all over the mouth piece of the bit as the taste will encourage the horse not only to accept the bit but will also encourage the horse to play and mouth the bit causing salivation so making acceptance more pleasurable for the horse. 


Ensure container is tightly sealed after use to prevent the wipes from drying out.
Keep out of reach of children. 

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