Cordless Shearing Handpiece Lifestyle Trev

  • $499.00

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The trusty Trev Shearing Handpiece from Lifestyle is your go-to for dagging, crutching and small shearing jobs. Can also be used for cattle tail trimming. Supplied with two rechargeable 6Ah Li-ion batteries you no longer need to rely on cords or a portable shearing plant. 80 minute run time (per battery) and recharge in only 120 minutes. Put this on the motorbike or in the vehicle for those emergency jobs like dealing with flystrike in the field. You won’t misplace it due to the handpiece being yellow in colour.

Supplied in a handy plastic storage case complete with charger, screwdriver, oil, brush and fitted with a 4 tooth cutter and 13 tooth comb. Compatible with common combs and cutters. You’ll wonder how you coped without Trev on the farm before!