EA Mattes Hi-Pro Fleece Boots - Pair

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We have substantially improved our Standard fleece boots in cooperation with Klaus Balkenhol resulting in our HI-PRO (HIgh-PROtection) boot.

Our HI-PRO-Fleece-boots are made from EHQ-fleece especially produced for us in Europe. They have a padded leather patch extending on the inside up to the top of the boot. Additionally the POLY-FLEX® impact protection is placed only where needed. An elastic, full length, Lycra- based (no material fatigue) strip is used to fit the boot snug to the leg. The boot is fitted with a heavy duty YKK zip, covered with a fleece flap. This fl eece fl ap also prevents the zip from opening accidentally.

The protection factor is considerably better than a bandage. Unlike bandages there is no slipping. They don’t open accidentally during riding. If you have seen a horse getting tangled up in bandages that have come undone, you know how dangerous this is. Unlike bandages and many boots there are guaranteed no pressure spots or constrictions.Furthermore the HI-PRO-boots make the legs appear elegant and slim! They are now available in all colours of our FASHION-LINE colour range.


The boot can be fitted within 20 seconds and can be detached in 5 – 10 seconds

Machine wash at 30° Celsius and machine dry on cold cycle.

Please note all Mattes orders are made per customer order, Allow 5-8 weeks turn around time.

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