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A balanced nutritional supplement to aid equine health in horses on New Zealand pasture, Equibind is formulated with Elitox®, magnesium, calcium, antioxidant Vitamin C  and B-group Vitamins.

For best results, feed with Digestive EQ. If your horse is fed an unfortified diet, consider feeding Digestive VM for vitamin and mineral support. Equibind must be fed as part of a balanced diet with ample forage. Equibind is safe for laminitic horses and ponies. 

Equibind FAQs

What is in EquiBind?

EquiBind contains magnesium oxide, Elitox ®, limestone, lucerne leaf meal and vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B12 and vitamin C.

EquiBind has no fillers, does not contain molasses or grain and is non-medicated and non-swabbable.

What type of horses can EquiBind be fed to?

EquiBind is suitable for all horses of all ages including horses who are: In work, Spelling, Breeding; or Growing.

How should EquiBind be fed?

EquiBind should be mixed thoroughly into your horse’s daily feed(s). It can also be sprinkled onto damp hay or over your horse’s haylage.

Can I feed EquiBind Long Term?

Yes, EquiBind can be fed long term when required.

What is the EquiBind Feeding Rate?

Feed 10 grams of EquiBind per 1 kg of supplementary feed (including hard feed and fibres) fed per day. For example, a horse being fed 4 kg of supplementary feed per day should receive 40 grams of EquiBind per day.

Can I feed EquiBind if my horse is on a forage only diet?

Yes EquiBind is designed to be used for horses consuming all types of diets. And in fact forages are one of the most challenging ingredients for horses with regards to mycotoxins. High moisture forages may be of particular risk.

Can I feed EquiBind with Digestive EQ?

Yes, for best results we recommend EquiBind is fed with Digestive EQ. Buy them together and save 10% with a Starter Pack!

Can I feed EquiBind with Digestive VM?

Yes, and if your horse is being fed an unfortified diet we recommend you feed Digestive VM at the recommended rate to provide supplementary vitamins and minerals.

How long will a 4 kg tub of EquiBind Last?

When fed at 40 grams of EquiBind per day, a 4 kg tub will last one horse 100 days (3 and 1/3 months).

How should EquiBind be introduced into a diet?

It is best practice to introduce all new feeds and supplements into a horse’s diet over a period of 14 days. This is particularly important for horses prone to digestive disturbances like colic and diarrhoea. What we suggest is:

  • Days 1 to 4 - ¼ recommended serve
  • Days 5 to 8 – ½ recommended serve
  • Days 9 to 13 – ¾ recommended serve
  • Day 14 on – full recommended serve

Is EquiBind safe for horses that are laminitic?

Yes! EquiBind is extremely low in Non-Structural Carbohydrates (0.9%) and all other ingredients are safe for laminitics.

Is EquiBind safe for horses that tie up?

Yes, EquiBind is safe for horses with both the PSSM and RER forms of tying up.

Why is there a warning on the label about EquiBind possibly reducing the effectiveness of medications?

By New Zealand regulations we are required to put this warning on the label because of the ingredients EquiBind contains. There has been work done on Elitox (the main ingredient in EquiBind) to show that Elitox does not bind the specific medications or nutrients tested. However, if your horse is using medications, we recommend that you remove Elitox during that treatment period. If you would like more specific information on this point please contact us.

Is EquiBind authorised by Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) in New Zealand?

Yes! Our team work extensively with the ACVM and industry consultants to ensure EquiBind is authorised and has all the correct labelling.