Feline Flax Seed Oil : Crab or Liver flavour

Feline Flax Seed Oil : Crab or Liver flavour

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ProVida Flax Seed Oil is a 100% natural supplement containing 60% Omega 3, an Essential Fatty Acid known to possess anti-inflammatory properties that has many health benefits

With 60% Omega 3, 15% Omega 6 and 15% Omega 9, Flax Seed Oil is a wonderful natural health supplement that cats love!  Providing fantastic levels of these Essential Fatty Acids has a wide range of health benefits, and can assist with many aspects of overall health.

Flax Seed Oil can improve the health of the coat, skin, bones, joints, claws and heart as well as the digestive, circulatory and immune systems.  What's more the coat can vastly improve in feel, shine and lustre.

Adding just 1ml per 2kg of body weight to the everyday feed is recommended, although this can be increased over time if desired results are not seen.  Our Flax Seed Oil for cats comes in a 150ml bottle, which is roughly a 2 month supply.  For palatability, we have either a crab flavour or liver flavour available.  We recommend you choose your flavour based on whether your cat eats a meat-based or fish-based diet.  Use the drop-down menu below to choose which is best for you.  For more information view our Feeding & Storage Guide.

Once opened, to maintain the quality and freshness of the oil, keep refrigerated and use within 3 months. 

Available in two flavours Crab or Liver, please make your selection below.

Omega 3 rich Flax Seed Oil for optimum overall health

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