Innovative Equestrian Bridle

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The Innovative Equestrian bridle is designed to be completely adjustable from a size 14.1 hands high to a 16.1 hand high horse. 

The Innovative bridle comes with two adjustable pieces to adjust the noseband from 14.1hh to 16.1hh horse.  With extra holes for adjustability, it also means the perfect position for your bit placement.

The design of the bridle allows the horse absolute comfort. 

The throat latch is positioned away from the horse’s poll and the bridle sits neatly away from the horse’s eye. 

The browband is slightly longer allowing the horse greater comfort. Our noseband is padded as well as the Poll area. 

The Easy halter clip allows you to clip from your bit to the halter clip in seconds. 

Perfect for trail riding, leading a horse through water, over obstacles or at the beach. 

Designed for Lunging and floating as you can tie to a breakaway string. 

Quality English leather with the finest stainless-steel fittings.