Nettex Seven Day Mud Away

Nettex Seven Day Mud Away

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Prevents Build-Up of Mud Sticking to the Coat for up to Seven Days.  All Year Round Grooming Aid!

  •  Prevents mud sticking to the coat allowing quick removal of soil by simple brushing
  •  Provides a barrier against mud related conditions – less washing legs in the winter
  •  Can be used all year round – application required only once a week
  •  Cuts down the need for bathing and hosing legs in winter with cold, icy water
  • Available in 250ml or 500ml spray bottles

Directions for use

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.  Do not apply Seven Day Mud Away to skin that is already affected by mud fever until the symptoms have completely healed and hair has grown back.  Ensure the horse or pony is free of dirt and is dry before application.  Spray evenly onto coat, mane and tail but do not saturate as a little goes a long way.  Allow to dry before turning out.  When you come to groom your horse the mud will simply brush away easily.  One application every seven days should be sufficient.  Always patch test an area and wait for 48 hours if your horse or pony has sensitive skin