PED Bits -  Wilkie- Bevel Bits

PED Bits - Wilkie- Bevel Bits

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New twist on an old favourite 

The Beval / Wilkie is particularly popular with small ponies, often used for lead rein and first ridden. It is not a severe bit - it offers a little more control and helps (especially the child rider) as it promotes outline, head carriage and responsiveness (it helps the child to bring the pony's nose in). It is available with a small, neat bradoon ring and is perfectly acceptable on the small pony's head.

Action of Beval Cheeks

The Beval cheeks have two settings:

Gives some poll pressure depending on the hook rein is attached too - extra support through the cheeks for the pony.
Gives the action of a mild gag.
PED has introduced a different mouthpiece- 45 degree angle, petite roller with thin, hollow & lightweight bars.The increased angle ensures that the poll is engaged quickly and without much rein pressure.
Sizes / 4 inch 4.25 inch, 4.5 & 5 inch

Prototype will be available soon and modelled by Leanda Heaven Sent.
Please note - Suitable for FYR

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