PED Low Port Weymouth

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Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery for your custom made bit - These are hand made & only of the best quality 

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4" Pony Shank

 4.25" Pony Shank

4.5" Pony Shank

4.5 Pony Shank Titanium

4.75" Pony Shank 

4.75" Galloway Shank

5" Hack Shank

5.5" Hack Shank

PED Low port Weymouth. Available in fixed or sliding Stainless steel & Titanium

This Weymouth has been designed for the PED Bradoon barrel to sit central within the port-thus less movement between the two bits.

The Titanium set weighs 220 grams which can be the standard weight of a normal snaffle. The weight of the combined bits ensures that there is no muscular handicapping of the mandibular & chest muscles therefor increasing chance for the horse to have absolute freedom .

Three sizes of shank available

PONY - 4 & 4.25 & 4.5 10CM

GALLOWAY - 4.5 & 4.75 & 5 INCH 14CM

HACK - 5 & 5.5 INCH 18CM


Pictured : Judy Ivory's beautiful KP Simply Exquisite pictured in our PED Weymouth and Bridoon
Photo credit: LMG Photography by Lisa Gordon.


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