PED Low Port Weymouth

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PED Low port Weymouth. Available in fixed or sliding Stainless steel & Titanium

This Weymouth has been designed for the PED Bradoon barrel to sit central within the port-thus less movement between the two bits.

The Titanium set weighs 220 grams which can be the standard weight of a normal snaffle. The weight of the combined bits ensures that there is no muscular handicapping of the mandibular & chest muscles therefor increasing chance for the horse to have absolute freedom .

Three sizes of shank available

PONY - 4 & 4.25 & 4.5 8-10CM

GALLOWAY - 4.5 & 4.75 & 5 INCH 12CM

HACK - 5 & 5.5 INCH 14cm


Pictured : Judy Ivory's beautiful KP Simply Exquisite pictured in our PED Weymouth and Bridoon
Photo credit: LMG Photography by Lisa Gordon.


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