Premier White Magic 947mls

Premier White Magic 947mls

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Never worry again about having their hair, your skin, or your clothes turn purple! Premier White Magic has been the leading whitening and stain removal shampoo in the horse and livestock industry for over 15 years! Premier White Magic Shampoo brings out the beautiful hair on paints, grays, and palominos. Ph balanced, this incredible product whitens the white and intensifies colored hair. Premier White Magic can be used on all species when you need it to be done right the first time! 

“They glow white” 
~Ross Roark, 
trainer of multiple AQHA and APHA World Champions

“When they line up, you can see the difference between the competitors that use Premier White Magic and versus those that use the other brands. The Premier prepped hair just blooms with intensity.” 
leading APHA and AQHA halter trainer and judge

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