Wahl Ultimate #50 Blade Set .4mm

Wahl Ultimate #50 Blade Set .4mm

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Introducing the Wahl Ultimate Competition Series blades….

Manufactured in the USAusing state of the art machinery which finely calibrates the tension to reduce blade heat, creating superior blades that run cool. Ultimate blade sets are 100% hand tested before leaving the USAproduction line and cut 2 ½ times faster than Wahl Competition Blade sets. They have a new distinctive black chrome finish which has been added for superior rust protection & the newly improved silky, shiny finish results in a higher performance blade

The Competition range suits Wahl KM2, KMSS, KM5, KM10 and KM1, Switchblade & Libretto clippers as well as other brands using A5 style blades.

Wahl Ultimate #50 Blade - cutting length .4mm

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