Hoof Master with Violet

Hoof Master with Violet

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A highly researched and developed formulation that promotes and maintains health and hygiene of the foot in horses and other livestock

  •  Purple spray with concentrated bactericides to treat foot related infections
  •  Used on a regular basis it can help to prevent recurrent foot infections such as thrush
  •  Can also be applied to minor cuts, abrasions and scratches
  •  Rapid drying formula that maintains a protective barrier for up to 48 hours
  • Available in 300ml aerosol

Directions for use

Clean and dry the area with warm salt water before application.  Shake well before use.  Attach nozzle before spraying for hoof treatment so treatment area is more localised, hold the hoof up for a few minutes to allow the spray to penetrate.  Repeat as necessary.
For treating cuts and grazes, hold the can approximately 8 inches away and spray evenly until the area is covered.  Repeat as necessary until the wound has sufficiently healed.

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