MP Gloss Information

MP Leg Worxx

We often get asked 'how do we best use the MP Leg Worxx?'
The key is SPARINGLY!! 
1. Start with a damp sponge and add a small amount (@5 cent piece size) 

2. Gently rub into the sponge and squeeze out excess water.

3. Dab on the area you want coloured starting at the knees and/or hocks and work down - 'scuff' lightly on the hair to transfer the colour.  

4. Build the colour as you go.
Its as EASY as that!
Available in Black, Dark Brown, Chestnut and Grey

How do the professionals get that bright white and perfectly outlined sock?
Below is a sneak peek at the use of the MP Diamond White Powder (premixed with water and applied with a sponge to a clean damp sock) and then outlined with the MP Define Liquid Chalk Pen.  
The results speak for themselves!
Available in Black, brown and white