EA Mattes Colour Options



Our products are made from natural materials, including genuine sheepskin and dyed quilts.  It is technically not possible to ensure 100% that the quilt and wool will not fade during washing and over time, or that there will not be some slight dye transfer, particularly between dark colour quilts/bindings/pipings and very pale wools and dark/bright wools and pale quilts/bindings/pipings.  We cannot eliminate the risk entirely of dye transference but strongly believe that this is an acceptable trade off when measured against the unsurpassed benefits of natural, breathable products.  

For all colour combinations, we regret therefore, that we are not able to accept the return of such products for the reason of quilt fading, this is a feature of cotton and for dye transference between any of the materials we use to manufacture our products.

Please note that we cannot eliminate the slight possibility of dye transference between very dark or very bright colours and the horse.  This is due to the composition of the horse’s sweat (which differs from horse to horse) and its interaction with the dye.  The same applies to very dark as well as bright colours on saddlery leather.

For all colour combinations, we regret we are unable to accept the return of products for the reason of dye transference between the product, the horse and / or saddlery.