"Hi there Thank you very much for the prompt arrival of my EA MATTES Crescent girth. Oh my gosh I cannot believe the difference in my horse. Right from the first girth up he was a different horse. After 2 rides, he is using his shoulder more and gave me the best medium trot that he has ever offered! Being a Trakehner with well sprung ribs and a short back, I have struggled to find the perfect fit of girth for him. Thank you again and if you ever need a testimonial on this product I would be happy to oblige."
Beck Lawrence and a very happy Louis horse!

"Best stirrups I have had, and I am fussy! With flexible sides, adjustable tops and a wide foot platform, I'm sure no one will better that. Thanks heaps Uberhorse"
Ngaire Lamb, Southland MDC Super Sport Stirrups

"I cannot go on about these stirrups enough! I can now get my calf on & around my horse where as before it was difficult with my dicky ankles & often I would end up gripping with my knee. At recent lessons my trainer has commented on how much better my leg is. All due to these fantastic stirrups, I have been raving about them to everyone, worth every penny!"
Emma Rowe-Pledger, Kurow who bought our MDC Comfort Stirrups

"Lambskin dressage boots arrived this morning, absolutely stunned at them – nicest boots I have ever seen and that is saying something from a constant window shopper. Finally a boot that looks like it will be a nice generous fit on the big boy!!!"
Suz, Nelson

"It's always a pleasure to buy things from Uberhorse - I couldn't fault your customer service if I tried!! It is just nice as a 'consumer' to find places that appreciate their customers, rather than appear like they are doing the customers a favour. Doesn't happen enough these days (I've worked in retail so know all about it!!!)"
Helen, Hamilton

"These are the greatest girths ever! Mum bought me one for my horrendously sensitive mare and she is no longer lame when first saddled up and no longer tries to rush away whilst getting saddled up! Polly is settling into her work sooo much quicker, I am a huge fan and recommend E A Mattes!! Thank you from us both!!"
Kirsten (show jumper), New Plymouth

I just got the items, I'm so pleased, they're gorgeous... I'm sure I will be buying a lot more through you (i.e. the girth!)... I'm so excited to be able to use them tonight. Haha, I've got a few jealous friends and the lady I'm working for took the little brochure home to have a look at, I'm sure she'll be very keen to get something for herself, especially when she sees my halfpad! Thanks for everything Melissa, you've been awesome. I will save up for my girth now.
Lee, One Tree Hill

"I have a fetish with back pads, gel pads, saddle pads, foam pads, you name it and I have probably tried it BUT now the buying is over, much to the appreciation of my partner!! I put the Uber Mattes correction pad under my saddle that I use on the horse I have been having heaps of trouble getting saddle to fit due to his VERY awkward shape. What a difference!! I am so impressed!! Worth every single cent and every day of waiting!! Even my totally non-horsey partner said "that looks comfy!!" NOW that IS a compliment!! Anyway I just thought I would send you an email to say thanks so much!! I will be in touch again to order girths and more pads."
Emma, Winton

"The girth arrived today and it was definitely worth the wait. Thanks so much for all your help I look forward to ordering more gear in the future from you. I went for a lesson last night and all that saw the girth were impressed... The Mare went a dream in the girth she seemed to approve wholeheartedly. I will look in the near future to purchase one for my GP saddle also. Thanks again for the awesome service and a top of the range product at affordable price."
Debbie, Hamilton

"They are a perfect fit for our ponies, which you know come in three different shapes and sizes, we use them everyday and the ponies are very happy with them and for that matter so am I. You can quote me on that and I am happy to endorse the product."
Sheryll, Show Circuit magazine, Karaka

"Picked up my saddle blanket today. Looks great. I took it to show my friends. So you will get an email from one who will probably order one... Also another friend is interested in the GP square, she's stopping in tonight & she sounds real keen. I'm probably going to be back in touch with you for a sheepskin girth..."
Peri, Southland

"My saddle pads are still working out very well - they are soooo nice! :) (I think I may have a couple of slightly envious friends actually!). I would now like to order a lambskin girth please."
Lisa, Coatesville

"Congrats on getting the agency for these fantastic products, I really hope the NZ public embraces them and appreciates the quality that you have brought to us here down under.. I have the distinct honour of riding the young Gymnastic Star stallion Griffyndor.. I would like to order one of your girths. I have actually used one when I was in Sydney I borrowed it off my friend (she's European), for my very sensitive TB, he loved it too..."
Tina, Southland

"ITS HERE, ITS HERE, ITS BEAUTIFUL. Thanks so much, I love it."
Kellie, Auckland

"Just thought I would let you know that Gwyneth & I love our girths!...I think the girth is the best value for money compared with what you pay for girths in general. Thanks again. I will have to on to your website and check out other things as I am really impressed with the quality. From Aileen & happy horse!"
Aileen, Rangiora

"Just a note to say Thanks you!!!Gear arrived today and Pansea loved her girth not a single grump when I did it up and after when I brushed her no grumping arround the girth!!! I was telling Jill about the girth yesterday, so it was great to show her she was very impressed with it. So thanks for the 'express delivery' and I will never buy another style girth again!!"
Cherie Cournane, Invercargill