Winners Circle Tails Tips & Tricks

Not sure how to put your false tail in? We are here to help!

Step 1 - At the base of the the dock take a section of hair a little thinner than your pinkie finger. Plait it in a firm plait and secure with 2 or 3 rubber bands to be safe

Step 2 - If you don't already have one I strongly recommend buying a forelock puller or hook, you will find these under our plaiting essentials. With your hook, push it through the plait and put the loop of the false tail on the hook & close the latch

Step 3 - Pull the loop of the false tail through the plait

Step 4 - Remove the hook and thread the plait through the loop of the false tail

Step 5 - So now the loop of the false tail will come through the plait and then around it. It is now secure

Step 6 - Brush all the hairs so they work in together & look natural. You will need to keep checking the length of your tail & if needed trim to suit. You are now ready for the show ring!


Q. How do I take a sample for colour matching?

Take your sample from the middle of your horse's tail, enough to put a rubber band on. This can often be a different colour to that of the outside of the tail as it doesn't become bleached from the sun. Include your sample with a piece of paper with your name, contact details & the required size/thickness you would like and send it to us. Address to Uberhorse, 162 Merrivale Road, Otautau 9682

Q. How do i measure for a false tail?

A. Measure from the bottom of the dock to where the tail is to be cut off at or have natural at the ends, you can then trim to suit if required

Q. I havent used a false tail before, will my horse like it?

A. With a false tail, it is important to let the horse get used to it. A sensible practice is to attach the tail and ride in this a few times before a show. Let the horse get used to the feel. You don’t want them running away from the tail in the ring! Most horses dont even notice, but better to be safe & get your horse used to their new tail!

Q. What length tail do I need?

A. Show hacks/ponies have "blunt" cut tails (cut straight off at the bottom of the tail) and have their tails at hock height (cut at the height of chestnuts on the horses back legs) - Where as western horses are shown with a more natural looking tapered bottom & longer length touching the ground!

Q. Where/how do i measure to find out which size i need?

A. Measure from the bottom of the dock to where the tail is to be cut off at or have natural at the ends. We can make your tail to a custom length if required.

Q. How are Winners Circle Tails made?

A. Winners Circle tails are individually handmade. No glue, No bands, No metal. They are hand sewn using rot resistant thread that are made to last a lifetime

Q. Can I email you a picture of my horse for a recommendation on color?

A: Yes! We would be more than willing to take a look! All we need to see is the tail! If you are going to take pictures specifically to send us, please make sure that your horse is in natural daylight. This allows for the best light and that means a more accurate picture!

Q. Can I brush or dye the tail as my own preference?

A: They are all natural horse hair, you can treat it as your own horse tail hair.

Tail Care & Maintenance

  • Make sure your tail is always dry before putting it away and storing
  • Always store tail extension hanging or laying flat and in a tail bag
  • Do not leave false tails in your horse’s tail overnight
  • Brush your extensions with a normal human hair brush…these seem to work best and do less damage
  • Brush, wash and basically treat the extension tail the same way you treat your horses natural tail. Be very gentle to avoid breakage, splitting and overall damage - Canter Mane & Tail Spray works wonders, we have this at Uberhorse & highly recommend it to all of our customers wanting a tangle free Mane or Tail!