Hi Shine Equine Directions & Tips for HSE Products

How To Use Hi Shine Hot Oil

There are no hard and fast rules with using Hi Shine Hot Oil. You are able to mix it with water in any proportions you like depending on how much conditioning your require for your horse... making this a truly versatile product. For the show horse, the ultimate aim is for the horse to look like a picture of health and display it's quality. The first impression of quality... even from a distance, is a healthy gleaming coat and a lustrous mane & tail. Below are some tips and amounts we like to use ourselves to help you achieve the best results.

Intensive Treatments

For a super conditioning effect to repair dry, dull or sun damaged coats, manes & tails using Hi Shine Hot Oil will revive even the worst hair. Try using 1-2 cups (1 cup = approx 250ml) of Oil mixed with enough warm water to cover the horse. The strength of the oil/water mixture is up to the individual, but as a guide we would use about 5-6lt of warm water... or just over half a 10lt household bucket, to cover a 15hh horse. The size of your horse or pony will determine how much of the mixture will cover the coat. When the oil is mixed up in the bucket it will look like full cream milk. Use a sponge or jug to pour the mixture over the horse, and simply scrape of the excess with your hand.... this give you the chance to massage in and make sure the oil is worked through the coat. Pop on an old rug and leave on. If you don't rug your horse, just leave on. Try to keep the horse from rolling for at least a few minutes, even if they do roll in the dirt the oil will protect the skin and push the dirt to the surface of the coat where it is easily brushed off.

After Clipping

Post clipping, Hi Shine Hot Oil does wonders for the coat. With just a single treatment the coat can be restored from a dry, dull, washed out colour, to a glossy healthy coat that has a great depth of colour. It is important to make sure after clipping, you check your horse over thoroughly for nicks and cuts, occasionally these can harbor bacteria which, when the horse is oiled may spread.

Everyday Conditioning

Build up the shine by using Hot Oil as a daily grooming spray! A cap full or two of Hi Shine Hot Oil in a clean empty spray bottle, topped up with water makes a great daily conditioning spray for coats. Simply spray the mixture on lightly and curry away. The natural moisturizing ingredients in Hi Shine's Hot Oil feed the skin & hair, and replaces the horses natural coat oils that are lost from rugging, washing, sweat etc. This mixture also makes a brilliant detangler for manes & tails.... without the suffocating silicone build up. It will help condition & strengthen the hair, preventing breakage and keep the knots at bay.

Pre/Post Wash Show Rinse

As a pre wash rinse, Hi Shine Hot Oil is extremely helpful in getting all the dirt and grime (great for greys) out of your horses coat. A heavy treatment (up to a cup full of Hot Oil) can be used on longer hair/coats to condition the hair and push all the dirt up to the surface making your show wash a breeze.

As a post wash rinse, Hi Shine Hot Oil replaces the natural coat oils scrubbed out from shampooing leaving you with a coat that has a deep natural gloss. Often shampooing and getting the coat 'squeaky' clean strips the natural oils that help lay coats flat, actually making them fluffy. We use up to a cup full of oil mixed with half a 10lt bucket of water for clipped horses, and often just a cap full in the same amount of water is needed for long coats to help them lay flat for show days. We have also found that using the Hot Oil as a rinse reduces the amount of silicone type gloss sprays needed to produce a beautiful show coat.

Mane & Tail

Loads of benefits here for manes & tails, and many ways to use Hi Shine Hot Oil... If wrapping tails in bags etc, the Hot Oil can be used as a leave in conditioner, we use a 50/50 mix of oil & water to leave in the whole tail. We like to use the Hot Oil in a spray bottle for manes to get even coverage and encourage maximum growth. Hi Shine Hot Oil is excellent for getting rid of dandruff... the oils will help slough off the dead skin cells blocking the hair follicles, lifting the scurf to the top. It feeds the follicles at the base of the mane or the dock allowing healthy new growth to come through.

If plaiting manes & tails, we do recommend not applying the oil through the hair as usually it is easier to plait the hair with a bit of tack and not slip.

Face & Body Highlighter

Hi Shine Hot Oil can be used neat as a face & body 'makeup'. It melts into the skin through the hair to highlight the muzzle, eyes, muscles and any other body parts without beading on the hair as mineral based oils and gels (eg; baby oil, vaseline etc) are prone to. At the same time you will be conditioning & moisturizing the skin as the oil give a natural highlight. The Coconut Oil base provides natural protection against the sun.

How To Use Hi Shine Showtime

HSE SHOWTIME is a water dispersable oil like our original Hot Oil treatment. We designed it specifically to use as a pre-show gloss with a lot of the same components you will find in top end hair products like Kerastase, Redken & Balmain Paris for that hi gloss shine... so applied either on a wet coat or dry it will give your horses coat a brilliant shine. It is very anti-static and wont pick up dust and dirt like Butane based aerosol sprays will.

It is perfectly safe to use neat (undiluted) if required. To use after your final show wash, just dilute Showtime in half a household bucket of water and sponge over your horse. The 64 million dollar question we get asked is how MUCH oil do I use? Well this will entirely depend on the condition, length and texture of the horses coat, and also the look you want to achieve.

For a 15hh horse with a good short/or clipped show coat we use a min of 100ml Showtime to enough water that will cover the horses coat. You can also mix up your own spray bottle with a Showtime/water mix and spray it on. For those wanting the 'wet' look (popular with halter showing)... Showtime is the product to use! We have seen some horses having distress and overheating in the showring due to the hair being suffocated by Paraffin/Petroleum based sprays & lotions, Showtime will give the same look but still allow the coat and skin to breathe.... most important.

How To Use Hi Shine HG Serum

HG Serum is potent & concentrated, just a few drops applied to the base of where the hair grows/affected areas twice a day is all that is needed. This super effective Serum is also very economical as there is no need for slathering on messy creams & lotions, which can make horses itch & rub even more.

If you need fast hair growth on your horse, HG Serum is for you. For best results apply twice daily to the base of where the hair grows.

How To Use Hi Shine Liquid Silk

Highly conditioning, long lasting (even after washing), anti-static, and zero build up make this detangler stand head and shoulders above the rest. Just a small amount rubbed or combed through the mane and tail gives a brilliant protective shine with a fine powdery finish and feel. Liquid Silk controls flyaways and prevents breakage. Light enough to use as a show day mane/tail polish.