What is EA Mattes Saddle Fix

A safe and quick “fastening system” for use with Mattes Equestrian Spinefree® Numnahs and Saddlepads, with or without Correction® system and for accurate fastening of combinations – For example: Half Numnahs with under or over Saddlepads.

Our Spinefree® design prevents any pressure in the wither area and along the spine, enabling Saddle-fix® to secure the top line of the Numnah / Saddlepad high up in to the gullet of the saddle to allow complete freedom from pressure in this area.

Saddle-fix® threads easily through 2 slots machined into the top line of the Numnah / Saddlepad and the clips fix to the pommel and cantle of the saddle. No alterations are necessary to the saddle and Saddle-fix® fits the majority of saddle makes and sizes. 

Please note, in the unlikely event that your saddle does not allow the clips to fix at the pommel or cantle, it’s not a problem! The Saddle-fix® can be removed easily. Our products are also fitted with the traditional Velcro keepers to secure the Numnah / Saddlepad in place.