Enhance your horse's coat to produce a winning show coat

That's right, the MIRoTEC® horse rugs can be used very successfully to enhance a horse's coat in readiness for the show ring or an improved look.

The stimulation of the blood circulation with the reflective body heat therapy has a marvellous effect on the horse's coat and muscle tone. It is the proverbial "kill two birds with one stone". Heal and protect whilst you create a winning show coat

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MIRoTEC?

Utilising ‘space blanket’ technology, Mirotec simply reflects the body’s own heat (infra-red radiation) to increase blood circulation, which aids the recovery of injury and can also be an effective part of warm-up and recovery routines.

2. How long should I leave MIRoTEC on for?
We and animals are different and will react differently to the products used. For animals, we recommend that you begin using Mirotec when you are going to be around the animal for a couple of hours. The reason for use will also be important as you would probably use the products differently for warm-up purposes than you would to treat a specific problem. For warm-up purposes you can use the product for as little as 15-20 minutes. To treat specific injuries, the longer you can leave the product on, the better (as long as there is no excessive sweating taking place).

When treating a new injury, Mirotec should only be applied after 36 hours where there is no bleeding or internal bruising.

3. What results should I expect?
Your aim is to promote healing by raising the tissue temperature by 2-3 degrees, for a specific time. This should not cause heavy sweating, but if this does happen, apply for short periods only. You may notice that your animal will become more relaxed when wearing Mirotec products, particularly if they have an injury or are suffering from muscle fatigue after exercise. You may notice a small sweat spot appear, and this could indicate that there is more heat in that particular area than other parts of the animal. If after using Mirotec wraps swelling increases, discontinue use and seek professional advice.

4. Will my dog / horse overheat?
Following the directions for use and monitoring the effects, there should be no reason for your animal to overheat. Mirotec is micro-perforated to allow it to breathe, to prevent overheating. Weather conditions do play a part in the amount of body heat, so we would suggest that you use the product differently in the summer compared to the winter.

5. How do I wash it?
Mirotec products should be hand-washed, or sponge-wiped to keep clean. If particularly dirty they can be gently machine washed on a cold cycle only. DO NOT SPIN DRY. Hang up to dry only. Treatment Rug for horses has removable panels of Mirotec so that once they are removed and hand washed, the rug can be machined washed.

6. What happens if I leave it on too long?
You will have noticed heavy sweating or moisture between the skin and the Mirotec product. Apply Mirotec for shorter periods. You may find that you / your horse will only sweat up for the first couple of times you use Mirotec, and then may not sweat up after use for the same amount of time on future occasions. Dogs will pant more and probably try to get the rug off if they are uncomfortable.

7. What sort of problems does MIRoTEC work with?
If your animal’s condition / injury / recovery will be helped by increased blood circulation, then Mirotec can help, as it has proven to substantially reduce healing time from cases where animals are relying on nature’s cure…time only. If you are currently undergoing other treatments then seek professional advice.

8. Is it safe to use outdoors?
When you begin to use Mirotec products we recommend using them indoors / in the stable. This allows you to monitor the effect that Mirotec has on you / your animal. Using a waterproof cover reduces effectiveness by reducing the breathability, but makes a SnugRug suitable for outdoor use in all weathers.

All other Mirotec products can be worn outside, however you / your animal should avoid coming into direct sunlight for long periods of time whilst wearing Mirotec.

9. Can you travel horses or dogs with MIRoTEC on?

This will come down to personal preference. If you have a horse or dog that gets excited or hot when travelling, then Mirotec products are best applied once you reach your destination. However, we have had people report that – by using Mirotec products on long journeys, they have helped the animal arrive at their destination less fatigued, more alert and quicker able to recover from the journey. For horses travelling on long journeys Mirotec can certainly help, but we would recommend that you and your horse are familiar with the products before using them in this way.

10. Can you use MIRoTEC rugs underneath other rugs?
Mirotec works best when it is able to breathe, which is why we have chosen outer materials that can breathe effectively. When using other rugs over the top of Mirotec, monitor over a period to ensure best results from MIRoTEC is gained. Mirotec is equivalent to three conventional rugs and works so well that you will be able to do away with all of the heavy, bulky quilted rugs, In fact we guarantee that a SnugRug is the warmest rug your horse will ever wear.

This means you can:

  • cut the overall cost of rugs
  • dramatically the weight of rugs on your horse
  • protect your horse with one warm, functional and smart rug
  • cut by at least half the amount of time to take them on and off

Some of Australia’s leading show riders have been able to keep their horses in peak show coat by cutting down on rugs. Mirotec SnugRug is lightweight, (weighs just over 2kg) warm, smart and very comfortable – perfect for stabled / clipped horses.

SnugRug has been used to prepare yearlings for sales, with excellent coats. Although the SnugRug was designed as a stable rug, we have positive feedback from people who use SnugRugs underneath a light canvas rug, for extra warmth in colder climates. In these cases, horses tend not to grow such a dense winter coat, which means that clipping may not be necessary. Results will vary on each individual case and how you use the products will come down to your own judgement, once you have become familiar with how effective Mirotec products are, compared with conventional – non reflective rugs.

11. My horse or dog will not like the rustling sound it makes?
If you take care when introducing Mirotec to your animal, you should not have any cause for concern. Be sure to let them have a look and a smell before you put it on and do this slowly and gently without fuss. We have not heard reports of animals that would not accept Mirotec products, although we have been told of a couple who were wary at first, but by the second or third time were quite accepting and confident. Most animals will be noticeably more relaxed when they are wearing Mirotec products.

12. Will MIRoTEC replace my masseur, chiropractor, acupuncture etc?
Mirotec is designed to compliment other types of treatments and natural remedies, not necessarily replace them. Mirotec works exceptionally well when used before, after or during massage. Mirotec can be helping your animals warm-up or recover naturally in-between visits from your masseur, chiropractor / practitioner.


Ready to perform at their optimum level

It is very important to me that my horses are fit and well, ready to perform at their optimum level. I have been using the Mirotec treatment rug and tendon wraps for less than a year and am exceptionally happy with the results I have seen especially with my FEI horse. I use the treatment rug before training and competing as a pre-warm up. Use of the rug has reduced my warm up time considerably as the horses are soft, warm and supple as soon as I get on. I also use the treatment rug as a preventative and to address any muscular stiffness or soreness before and after treatment. I have also had great results using the tendon wraps to address windgalls, noticing a marked difference in the size of such galls since using the wraps.

I am very impressed with Mirotec products – not only do they work but there is no stress or hassle using them at competitions. It is also not necessary to worry about timing treatments as the body naturally regulates this with the increase in body heat and tissue temperature returning to normal when the body has done its work to deliver nutrients to the affected area and remove waste products and toxins from tissues.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mirotec products to any of my clients as I know they too will benefit from the results!

Rachelle Wilson
FEI Dressage rider/EA Coach/Equine Myofunctional Therapist.

Mirotec equine products heavily utilised at the Sydney Olympic Games

Mirotec equine products were some of the most heavily utilised “tools” from a physiotherapy point of view at the Sydney Olympic Games. In particular the rugs were in high demand for their obvious benefits in reducing post-treatment soreness by creating warmth and promoting blood flow through the back muscles. Most noteworthy however were the tendon wraps for their dramatic effect on windgalls when left on overnight.

Kate Hesse – B.Phty Member APA
Equine Physiotherapist for Veterinary Services
Olympic Games Sydney 2000

The Mirotec SnugRug provides a low-cost bit of magic for performance horse owners.

There is no such thing as magic in the horse training business, and most things that come close to magic, cost millions! The Mirotec SnugRug provides a low-cost bit of mini-magic for performance horse owners.

My best results from Mirotec products have been on horses with a bit of age, stiff horses or horses that are going through a tough stage in their training. These types tend to come out with softer backs, which are more functional after a session with the Mirotec. The SnugRug is a cost effective absolutely problem free physiotherapy aid which should be part of every stables repertoire of horse-health helpers.

What is Mirotec? Well for me it is an inexpensive but truly effective form of physiotherapy for horses, which can only help and poses no danger even to the uninitiated.
Costs Little, Can’t Hurt, Helps Horses

Christine Doan
Australian Olympic Representative
Barcelona Dressage

Mirotec is a simple efficient product to use and results are very effective.

We have been using the Mirotec range of products on our horses for approximately 12 months. Our experience is that these products greatly assist in the treatment of back and leg problems, particularly joint swelling and shin soreness.

Mirotec is a simple efficient product to use and results are very effective. You are aware we agist, spell and pre-train thoroughbred racehorses and as such, have to deal with a multitude of ailments and injuries. Mirotec is now one of the major products we use in the care of our horses.

Ron Gower, Managing Director
CHERON Park, Victoria 
Thoroughbred Horse Agistment

Show Coats made easy

Because of Mirotec’s exceptional warming capabilities the natural oils in the coat are enhanced dramatically. We have found our preparation for shows has been reduced greatly by using Mirotec products. Mirotec SnugRug also has the added benefit of being able to reduce multiple rugs on horses in winter. SnugRug is exceptionally warm for a rug of its weight – ideal for clipped horses.

Les Friend Riding Academy, Goulburn NSW

Baseball sceptic won over by Mirotec wraps

Firstly, after 30 years of playing baseball and seeing hundreds of gimmick products over the last 20 years, let me say that I tend to be a bit of a traditionalist and sceptic when it comes to “new” things.

I was first introduced to Mirotec in November ’98 at a local club game in Melbourne. One of my teammates had something wrapped around his elbow between innings. As I pursued the matter further, I came to realise that it was a Mirotec tendon wrap for a horse.

After thorough examination and trial of the product, I contacted Mirotec to further trial the wrap. While in discussions about design Mirotec Australia developed a one-piece Shoulder / Elbow wrap, to my specifications. Through trial and experimentation of the shoulder wrap throughout the ABL season, ’98/’99, I have come to realise several benefits.

Reduced warm-up:
By wearing the Mirotec wrap during pre-game prior to pitching, I found that I was able to shorten my warm-up pitching routine by about 50%. Normally, this routine consists of 60-70 pitches prior to the start of the game. By using the Mirotec wrap, I was able to lower that number significantly to 30-35.

Rest period during a game:
Generally, a pitcher can throw up to 9 innings in a game, thus having 8 periods of rest during that game. The pitcher then returns to the field of play and receives a maximum allotment of 8 warm-up pitches prior to the games re-commencement. I found that by wearing the Mirotec wrap between innings, I am able to reduce my warm-up from 8 to 4, thus saving the energy from 4 pitches per inning.

After match recovery:
By wearing the Mirotec wrap post game for 30-45 minutes and subsequently for short periods in the lead up to the following weeks game, I have noticed virtually no muscle cramping and accelerated recovery time.

As a baseball pitcher, what does it do for me?
In game conditions, the ‘fatigue factor’ starts to set in at around 100 pitches. But lets not forget the normal 70 pre-game warm-up pitches and the normal situation (without wearing the Mirotec wrap), this actual pitching total is 70 (pre-game), plus 72 (pre-inning warm-up 8 x 9 innings), plus the ‘fatigue factor’ of 100 (in the game), TOTALLING 242 pitches in all.

By wearing the Mirotec wrap both during pre-game and between innings, I can save the energy required for 71 pitches per outing. That is about 30%. For me, those 71 saved pitches alone can enable me to virtually eliminate the games ‘fatigue factor’ of 100.

What does Mirotec mean to the 37-year-old sceptic?
In layman’s terms: ‘I can pitch longer and retain my power throughout the entire game.’ Now I might still be pitching when I’m 90′. Thanks to Mirotec for this unique product.

David White, Baseball Pitcher
Australian Olympic Team ( Sydney 2000)
Professional Playing History – USA:
Chicago White Sox (’84-’88)
Minnesota Twins (’95)
Professional Playing History – Australia:
Melbourne Bushrangers (’92) (ABL)
Canberra Bushrangers (’93-’94)
Perth Heat (’95-’96)
Melbourne Reds (’97-’99)
Victoria (Claxton Shield ’99)

Putting Mirotec to the test

A chestnut gelding with physical lameness in the near side hind leg. After examination showed a large amount of scarring in the gracilis and also the deep digital flexor. This was producing a shortened walk. A trucking accident several years earlier had produced these injuries. We put Mirotec to the test on what results it could produce.

The following is a day-by-day list of results:

Day 1:   8 hours application, produced large sweat marks over gluteal and tendinous muscles.
Day 2-5:   8 hours application, sweat was confined to semitendinosus, with loss of hair.
Day 6-11:   8 hours application, produced scabbing at the origin of the semitendinosus.
Day 12:   8 hours application, after removing the rug, to our amazement, a small metal fragment was removed from the muscle.

A few days after, the horse showed a more even pace at all gaits. Since these results, I have seen a large number of promising results on horses with muscle soreness. I would not hesitate to recommend Mirotec products to any horse owner.

Chris White – South Australia
Physical Therapies E.B.W.

Mirotec products assist in both pre and post massage procedures

Mirotec products were used in pre and post massage procedures and have been exceptional in their warming ability. The products are easy and efficient to use. I have found a significant change in the superficial muscles of the horse. The Mirotec product through its warmth, calmed and soothed the horses. Used pre-massage the product assists by warming the muscles so that the Equine Myofunctional Therapist is better able to apply their techniques. The recovery of deep tissue injury is better due to the exceptional warming capabilities.

Overall, the Mirotec products assist in both pre and post massage procedures and assists with deep and superficial muscles.

Ms Sandy Rogers 
Director National College of Traditional Medicine 
Head Lecturer – Equine Myofunctional Therapist Studies

“Show preparation has never been so easy and Boston has never looked better, than when I started to use Mirotec as a part of my daily routine. I now use only one under rug (not several) which is very light and comfortable, and the neck rug only on cold nights. I have no hesitation in recommending these products to all discerning performance horse enthusiasts, looking for effective products that represent excellent value”.

Berni Saunders
Owner of Champion Arabian Warmblood & FEI Dressage Horse Hollybrook Boston

Mirotec recommended by professionals

Medical Mirotec products have been clinically trialed and found to be effective in the management of conditions affecting soft tissue and/or joint disturbances. Used pre-massage, Mirotec assists by warming the muscles so that Therapist’s are better able to apply their techniques. The recovery through deep tissue injury is better due to the exceptional warming capabilities. Mirotec products are safe and convenient to use, and are recommended by professional practitioners in clinical practice.

Sandi Rogers
Director National College of Traditional Medicine – Victoria

Relief from Tendonitis

Just a short note to thank you for taking the time to make me the Mirotec armband, I really appreciate it. I’m unsure if you were told that I have tendonitis and cold weather affects my wrist and hand to the point that I lose a lot of movement in my wrist and particularly my fingers and my hand continuously aches. With the Mirotec wrist wrap, I have no pain and I have a lot more movement. This is the only product that I have tried that gives me any kind of relief. Thank you again and I highly recommend it for anyone with my problem.

Mirotec works wonders for Arthritis

I have been suffering from arthritis in both knees for a number of years. I have tried many relief’s without success. Recently, I heard about Mirotec being used on racehorses and greyhounds that had suffered injuries to limbs and muscular systems, with great success.
I decided to apply for a knee wrap to see if I could obtain some relief from my aching knees. I am very pleased to report that the Mirotec knee wraps worked wonders. After a short period of time, it improved my mobility and gave me pain relief. I can fully recommend arthritis sufferers to try Mirotec wraps to ease arthritis pain.

M. Langford-Jones OHM
Frankston, Victoria

Coat changing for the better 

I love the cover for our wee pony, you are right about her coat changing for the better, she’s growing her winter coat as we speak but I’ve noticed it’s a lot softer and shinier, can’t wait for summer coat.

She doesn’t seem to be clicking in her back legs now either, and Is happier when asked to trot and canter etc, she’s looking fantastic as she was rather light when we got her but I think with the cover on and what it does it’s helped with her conditioning.

I have two covers on her and had been using three on the colder days as she really felt the cold, (and that was in summer) and we’ve had some awful weather of late and she’s good as gold.

So very happy customer,

Nicky Dougherty

Sleep well with Mirotec!

I wish to advise the for the past 20 years I suffered from Post Shingle Neuralgia which caused constant pain in my right arm and I have had trouble getting to sleep at night. Since using a Mirotec wrap, approximately six months ago, I have not experienced any pain and now sleep comfortably. Because of my belief in the product, I have introduced Colin Gill to many horse trainers, both thoroughbred and standardbred, who have used his products and had good results.

Jack Collins
Werribee, Victoria