Acavallo Gel Curb Chain Protector

Acavallo Gel Curb Chain Protector

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The Acavallo Curb Guard is made from an ultra soft gel that is very tactile. The uber soft gel forms a close fitting cover over the curb chain and therefore offers protection and comfort for your horse, without any loss of effectiveness. Ideal for sensitive horses which is why we love it!

  • Discrete and innovative solution for any bridle
  • Allows for desired pressure without discomfort
  • Encourages acceptance and submission to the curb chain
  • Pressure is spread evenly by the shock absorbing gel
  • Ideal for sensitive horses prone to soreness on the jaw
  • Closely fits the chain and moulds to jaw line without sticking out
  • Will not mark or rib
  • Total length 15cm - One size fits all

*Please Note: This listing is for the Guard ONLY

Customer Review ~ These fabulous curb guards blew me away when I saw them in Germany, so I bought them for all three horses and I haven't been disappointed with the results. Simple but effective and not a secret I could keep to myself.

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