Acavallo Gel Pad with Middle Riser AC110

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This three-in-one gel saddle pad combines a built-in central riser pad with non slip and shock absorbing properties. It is anatomically shaped to help support the saddle on dipped or sway backed horses. The additional depth of shock absorbing gel provides an essential cushioning effect in the centre of the saddle where pressure is often concentrated. The gel's unique structure allows for natural compression, which allows it to conform to the shape of the saddle. In addition air can circulate freely through the perforated surface, keeping your horse comfortable at all times.

Available: one size in clear and black gel

Sizing Info

When laid flat it measures:
A: Spine Length - 22"/57cm
B: Width Across Front - 17"/43cm
C: Width Across Centre - 12"/30cm
D: Width Across Rear - 15"/37cm
Can be cut easily to fit any size saddle.

Easy to wash. Rinse off under a tap or soak in a bucket of hot soapy water. The longer the soaking the stickier the pad

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