Leather Balanced Support Reins

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Balanced Support Reins are easy to use, making riding more enjoyable and giving confidence and control to the rider without harshness or fixing of the ponies head. Reins attach to the bit on the bridle. The elasticated support reins are connected to the reins via a buckle, there are multiple buckle holes along the rein to allow for size adjustment. The support reins clip to the D rings at the front of the saddle on each side.( We also stock D Ring Replacers if your saddle doesn’t have D Rings, these slide over the stirrup Bars to provide a D Ring )

When the rider has contact on the reins the elasticated support rein will lie slack. If the horse tries to pull the reins out of the riders hands, the pull is taken up in the elasticated support rein and blocked at the saddle. The support rein is acting like a second pair of hands, preventing loss of control.

Balance support reins promote confidence within the rider and promote a good balance. 

Small Pony /Shetland - ( upto 11.2hh approximately )
Pony - up to 13hh (finer build)
Pony XL - 13.2 - 14.2hh
Cob as pony XL
Full size - 14.3hh plus
Cob and Full are on a 5/8 inch rein
Pony sizes are on a 1/2 inch rein
Patent approved in NZ