Aesculap Bonum Cordless Horse Clipper

  • $1,295.00

  • Save $100

The Aesculap Bonum cordless horse clipper is supplied with 23/31-teeth upper/lower cutter set and is light red in colour. It is supplied complete with two batteries. Each battery gives 70-80 minutes of clipping time, and recharges fully within 55 minutes.

The clipper is very lightweight at only 900gm complete with battery. Noise level is very low at 65db(A). Lithium-ion batteries are the latest in battery technology, incorporating over-heat safety cutout.

The system senses clipping load and adjusts battery output to suit. This makes for cooler, quieter clipping, and extended battery life. The grip area of the Bonum clipper at only 40mm diameter is ideal for smaller hands. The clipper is perfectly balanced with cutter head in front and battery behind. A selection of blades are available for clipping horses & cattle.

The Aesculap Bonum Clippers have a 2 year warranty on the machine as well as the Batteries.