Digestive VM

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So, what is Digestive VM?
Digestive VM is the ultimate vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement and has been formulated to fill
nutrient gaps of forage (pasture or hay) based diets, unfortified grain diets or diets whereby less than the
recommended feeding rate of a commercial feed is being fed.
Our Australian customers have been enjoying Digestive VM over the past 18months, and now we're so excited
to be able to bring it to New Zealand!

What is in Digestive VM?
Digestive VM is scientifically designed with a combination of minerals, essential vitamins and amino acids and
an added yeast derived prebiotic

How does it compare to other vitamin and mineral supplements on the market?
Digestive VM is formulated to fill the nutrient gaps in most common forage and unfortified diets, meaning
you’ll only need one supplement to meet your horse’s daily nutrient requirements for trace minerals and
vitamins. It contains the additional benefit of supplying essential amino acids to build top line, strong hooves
and promote gut integrity. Plus, it supplies a powerful prebiotic to support a healthy hindgut environment
which promotes optimal fibre fermentation to supply your horse with a cool source of energy and production
of vitamins including b-group vitamins for calm behaviour.