EA Mattes Lambskin Short Girth Covers

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Detachable Platinum quality lambskin girth covers for your exisiting EA Mattes short girths.

Standard colour in stock is black, brown & black/white, others must be ordered in - Often people will select a darker fleece for training and a lighter fleece for competition.

Not made to be used with other brands

Slimline or original quilt versions available in the four different shapes including

  • Contoured
  • Asymmetric
  • Crescent
  • Athletico

**Please Note** This product is the actual Quilt and Lambskin Girth cover (no girth included)

Please see the Mattes Girths for a complete girth with lambskin cover

EA Mattes girths feature four different types of shapes to cater for all types of horses. They also feature a removable cover that uses the same top quality sheepskin as used in the saddle pads. Sheepskin's natural properties will prevent pressure points and rubs, while absorbing and wicking away heat and sweat. Stainless Steel Buckles with elastic buckle straps on both ends.

  • Wide centre piece
  • Buckle flap edges tapered so no pressure ridges
  • Stainless steel roller buckles & D-ring
  • Distributes pressure over the sternum where horses are less sensitive
  • Elastic buckle straps on both sides 
  • Size is always specified from buckle end to buckle end
  • Base quilt girths and lambskin covers can also be purchased separately
Mattes Lambskin is made from lambskins selected after our own specifications with extreme dense and resilient wool
  • Since lambskin has an open structure, air can flow between the fibres, therefore it equalises temperature, it is ideal in summer and winter
  • Can absorb up to 8-times its wool weight in moisture before it feels wet
  • The resilience of the wool is ideal for pressure distribution
  • The upright standing wool fibres can slide against each other, therefore absolutely no friction or chafing nor rubbing on the horses skin
  • Lambskin, because of the afore-mentioned structures, allows development of the muscles

What shape do i need?

Contoured - The contoured style is the one with shaping on both edges.  The contoured girths are good for horses with good conformation. The elbow section is cut back to allow extra room for the elbow movement.

Asymmetric - There is also the asymmetric style which has shaping on one edge and straight on the other edge.  This is good for horses with more bulge below and a wide ribcage and/or with awkward girth position. The deeper recess in the elbow area allows even more clearance for the elbow, than the Contoured girth.

Crescent - Available for wide barrelled horses with a narrow front & bulging ribcage starting directly behind the elbow. Often to be found in short backed horses (typical for arab mares) where other girths don’t give enough room. The Crescent girth is cut in a way that it opens to the rear in the sides and below to accommodate the far forward reaching bulge.

Athletico - Specifically made for horses with an athletic, wedges shaped body. In a way it solves the reversed problem that the crescent girth was designed for. The saddle tends to slip back, also pulling the girth backwards, because all the lines of the horses body: back, ribcage & sternum to belly taper towards the rear.  So instead of opening to the rear this girth simply opens to the front.

Elastic on girths explained

The girths are elasticated, and yes the Germans have engineered them with precision to provide the right degree of elastication.

Elastication for the dressage girths is achieved by attaching the buckles to the girth with heavy elastic.  This provides a small amount of stretch which is all that's needed in a dressage girth.  It basically allows the horse to breathe comfortably, and enough movement to allow the horse to be flexible through the ribcage, whilst remaining supported through the sternum, at the same time preventing the saddle from moving around.

The long girths on the other hand have a few centimetres of elastication.  This style of girth requires a lot more stretch as there is a lot of movement when a horse is galloping/jumping/hacking than when dressage schooling/competing/etc on an arena.

Colour choices 

The Mattes girths are available in a wide variety of colors to suit your personal style whether you want conservative, show ring appropriate black or a pop of bright color with Raspberry or maybe Teal to match your saddle blanket! Click here to check out the options

More information on the background of EA Mattes & their girth design

Mattes has studied girth design since 2002 and found girths that are correctly designed but not very well made, some which look correctly designed but are outright wrong, and those that are just plain wrong for the horse's body.

One of the basic problems found was that the pressure distribution on the sternum did not work, mostly because of wrong construction.  Even with a wide central plate, the pressure is actually only concentrated along the centre of the sternum, sometimes in an area only 2-3cm wide.

Mattes girths have internal straps working against a plastic centre-piece, resulting in equal pressure distribution on the sternum.

Mattes girths also feature the unique Soft-Edge design where the edges are soft and well rounded.

We only stock black quilt with black lambskin in crescent & athletico shapes. Other shapes are fully stocked in black, brown & black/white combinations. Any other shape/colour combination must be back ordered.

Important Information: 

*The distance between saddle flap & girth edge shouldn't exceed 4 finger widths, so the cut back part of the girth is in area of the elbow action. Please refer to our size guide by clicking here
*Please note: There is a label with direction indicator. Always place the girth according to the label.

*Please note there is a possibility of dye bleeding from dark or bright coloured sheepskin onto light coloured quilt. A slight staining is possible from dark or bright coloured wool onto the hair of grey/light coloured horses. Fading of the wools surface is also possible, due to the composition of the horses sweat, which varies horse to horse.

*Please note there are no returns on custom ordered products, All Mattes long girth items are custom orders. Please ensure you have selected the correct style, size and colours.

*Please note all Mattes orders are made per customer order, Allow 4-8 weeks turn around time.  Stock colours are Black, Black/White & Brown. 



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