EA Mattes Long Stud Guard Girth Slim Line Leather

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SLIM-LINE Studguard-Girth with detachable lambskin cover

We have developed our SLIM LINE (Version 2022) long stud girth based on the specific interests of some well-known riders in a range of disciplines, but it's just as ideal for amateur riders too. The impact protection section is covered with leather and has a shock-absorbing core. The martingale can be easily fastened - as preferred by riders - by means of a carabiner.

The girths are available in 3 versions. (Cresent, Asymetric and the Athletico)

Sizes available to order are - 105cm-150cm

Advantages of the SLIM-LINE girths:

• Detachable lambskin cover.

• Flatter and slimmer, therefore more elegant plus added elbow space

• Increased resistance to fracture - According to the certifi cate No. ML/52/CBiDGP/2013 of the testing institute CBiDGP in 41-404Myslowice, Poland: Long-girths min. 7580 N = 750 kg.
Short-Girths min. 8700 N = 850 kg.

• Visible surfaces in leather, available in black, brown and champagne coloured leather. The lambskin colour can be selected from our full range of colours.

SLIM-LINE girths should also be washed in the washing machine and dried in the tumble dryer. For this purpose put the base-girth into the wash bag and wash in the washing machine together with the lambkin cover outside of the wash bag. Tumble dry thereafter. Tumbledry. The temperature shall not exceed 30° Celsius. The best washing result can be achieved by using our MELP washing agent for instance

Please follow the specific washing instructions, accompanying the product.

These girths have detachable sheepskin covers. Additional covers can be ordered in different colour combinations with the initial girth. Base Girths and lambskin covers can naturally be purchased seperate as well.

Length is always specified from buckle end to buckle end.

Please make sure to always choose girth long enough, so the buckle flap is as high as possible above the elbow. Fully tightened, the distance between the lower edge of the saddle flap and the buckle of the girth should be 15cm max. Always measure on the girthed horse.

It is imperative to always girth evenly and symmetrically on both sides.

Approx 6-8 weeks for delivery - Please advise Lambskin colour & base colour (Brown/Black or Champagne) in order comments


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