EA Mattes Western Seat Saver - Universal

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The universal size of the western seat saver is around 53.5 cm, measured from the back edge of the fork, along the curve of the seat to the top of the cantle. The right choice of lambskin colour can make your western seat saver look truly striking: why not try Burgundy, Honey or Mint? Or would you prefer something a little more understated? You’re sure to find the right colour for you in our palette.

Under certain circumstances, dark or brightly coloured lambskin may discolour your horse's hair or other materials due to the horse’s sweat or the use of unsuitable detergents.

Strongly coloured leather such as saddles etc. may also leave stains.

We do our orders on the 20th of each month, please allow 6 weeks for delivery from this date 

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