Elite Equine Smooth Mover

Elite Equine Smooth Mover

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MOOTH MOVER is an exciting new approach to optimising muscle function and supporting horses prone to muscle disorders and Tie Up. 
Smooth Mover is a small scoop added daily to the feed. It supports horses consistently on a daily basis to cope better with demanding workloads. Smooth Mover helps moderate lactic acid build up and has been shown via blood tests to significantly improve muscle enzyme readings. Customers tell us Smooth Mover is the most effective management tool they have used to prevent and manage Tie-Up and promote optimum muscle function.
The ingredients in Smooth Mover address Tie-Up from several causes. Smooth Mover is appropriate for all horses from racing, to sport and pleasure horses. It will not cause any change in temperament.
Horses with chronic muscle function issues will benefit from daily dosing, however many horses will only require week on/week off dosing, loading a few days before an event or being dosed before more demanding work days. Can be fed the night before competition or racing to improve muscle function, suppleness, performance and recovery.
Read this testimonial!

" I recently tried Elite Equine Nutrition Smooth Mover on a filly that has a history of tying-up especially in spring. This year it never resolved and tie-up had become an ongoing chronic problem. 

Before feeding Smooth Mover I took a blood test and the muscle enzyme levels were literally off the charts. I added one scoop of Smooth Mover into her morning feed. She started to improve quite quickly. After 2 weeks I took blood again and the emzyme levels had dropped to the high side of the normal range. She was coping with work so much better.

 I took another blood test after the month and her enzyme levels were brilliant. Competely normal and the best they have ever been. She had raced twice during this month, went very well and was very unlucky to not place. 

I'm so thrilled with how it has helped her, and I will definitely be using this product going forward. It is the best product I have used for Tie Up."

Paulette Screen, Paulette Screen Racing Stables, Pukekohe - Auckland

Smooth Mover will not test positive and is available in 600g (1 month) and 1.8kg (3 month) foil packets. 

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