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Elite-Lyte is a premium blend apple flavored pH neutral electrolyte for working horses. 

Horses don't just sweat salt, they also sweat other minerals and it is very important to replace what is lost otherwise they lose the nutrients you are feeding. They can become deficient despite their owners best efforts to keep them well mineralized.  Bone is made of minerals and horses in high stress sports rely on bone density to stay sound and injury free. 

Different activities can result in a different pH in the muscle. Endurance for example often results in alkalosis (high pH) and racing and faster sports result in acidosis (low pH) but it can vary, even daily depending on the activity. There are some electrolyte formulations available which are acidic or alkaline, however, getting it wrong can have a very negative impact on the horse!  We highly recommend a pH neutral electrolyte to make sure the horse is never given the wrong pH and it takes the guess work out of supplementing your horse. 

Elyte-Lyte tastes great and each 60gm scoop is an average horse daily dose. It is available in 2kg or 5kg tubs. 10kg tubs coming soon!

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