Flex-On Composite Stirrup

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Black & Brown are stock colours - Others are available on request

Flex-on has totally re-invented the stirrup, creating a revolutionary design based on a combination of high-tech engineering expertise and top-level riding experience.

What makes them special    

Flex-on stirrups provide an extraordinarily stable and comfortable ride that has to be experienced to be believed. Their performance can be attributed to a number of unique design features:      

  • Ultra-lightweight yet strong frames: The carefully designed frames and foot beds and high-tech composites to produce a stirrup weighing only 405g
  • Innovative design: Unlike normal stirrups, the stirrup-leather slot in Flex-on frames is off-set and skewed at an angle. This, combined with a carefully designed inclined foot bed, helps ensure the rider's leg sits in an ideal position, and dramatically adds stability and confidence
  • Shock absorption: Elastomers built into the base of the foot bed help the stirrup absorb shocks and vibration     
  • "Ultra-grip":  Optional small pins built into the foot bed grip the rider's boot to help prevent slipping

Flex-on stirrups are available in a variety of frame colours. Please allow 2.5-5 weeks for delivery for custom stirrup colours 

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