Heiniger Xperience 2-Speed

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Featuring two versatile clipping speeds, the all-new Xperience 2-Speed is the perfect choice for all clipping jobs.

Includes our 35F/23 blade set.

Use the top speed for a faster, more efficient clip.

Use the lower speed for a quieter clip with less vibration, perfect for sensitive horses and those ticklish areas!



Power 250W
Low Speed 2600dbs/min
High Speed 2900dbs/min
Length 301mm
Weight 1180g
Noise Emission 68dB




35F/23 - For that show finish.

Our 35F/23 blade set leaves 1-2mm cover for a smooth and long-lasting finish.

31/17 - For cushing coats.

Our 31/17 blade set combines less teeth on the comb with a higher cutter to teeth ratio to provide a neat finish, without putting extra pressure on the clippers.

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