Horseware Adagio Boots

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The new Adagio Boots from Horseware Ireland are made from a hard-wearing outer fabric, with a highly technical layered memory foam inner that allows for incredible range of motion, flexibility and shock absorption. The Adagios are the ultimate all-round boot to be used during exercise, training, and hacking out.

These boots are a new league of leg protection, allowing maximum freedom for a moving leg without adding weight whilst offering protection. Each boot is extremely lightweight, weighing only 200g.

The highly technical layered memory foam allows for a range of motion and flexibility whilst absorbing shock on impact.

The high-quality Lycra lining is soft and smooth, which helps to reduce the chances of rubbing and to support breathability. There is also no internal seams or stitching.

The overlap closure offers a snug fit without restricting movement or placing pressure on the fetlock joint.

SIZES: Small Horse, Medium Horse  and Large Horse
Sold as a pair. 

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