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Introducing the Idolo Tether Tie, this unique knotless safety release system is the number one replacement to baler twine. Made in Axminster, Devon UK from high grade industrial nylon. It is based on pressure and release with a choice of two pressures, achieved by simply turning the Tether Tie over. Easy to use, reusable for years to come and ready to go straight out of the packet. You are able to use the Tether Tie with almost any rope, this lightweight, strong and rustproof tool is a valuable asset to any tack box. Avoid serious neck injuries and make your yard a safer place today.

Safety tip: Badly knotted ropes should not be used as they will restrict the pressure & release of this product.

Click on the below links to see videos of the Idolo Tether Tie being used:

Using the tether tie is easy: make a loop, thread through the tether tie as shown, loop over the top, clip to a tie ring - that's it!


 'I love the idolo tether tie so much I have ordered two more as gifts for friends. It is so easy to use and works exactly as described. Will never tie to a bit of baler twine again!'

'Just have to say I love the Idolo! Great for teaching youngsters to tie safely. I recommend it to all my clients.'

'Thanks for a really great product. I bought 2 tether ties from you at Badminton. They were so good I remarked to a friend how I wished I had gotten more. Luckily she was going back the next day so she picked up more for me and a whole load for her polo ponies.?They are attached to every tie up ring in the yard and our notorious 'twine breaker' has been brilliant even when I bathed him (he usually snaps the twine and runs away as soon as the hose comes out). Just need a few more for the lorry now!'


  1. Does the tether tie work with any rope?
    Most ropes sold in tack shops work well with the tether tie. Clearly the rope must be free of knots, including the end, so that it can slide smoothly through the product.
  1. How long will it last?
    The tether tie should last for many years if used as directed.
  1. My horse never pulls back so why do I need the tether tie?
    A horse hasn’t been born that will never pull back. Horses are unpredictable. Sometimes situations arise that are beyond your control. The horse is, by nature, a flight animal and even the calmest horse can be unpredictable.
  1. Can I use the tether tie on a young horse?
    Yes – the tether tie is ideal for young horses and even weanlings. It will teach them to be tied up at a young age. They will also learn to yield to pressure without fear and without causing them to panic.
    For very young horses the pressure should be increased gradually by using different threading patterns and reversing the Tether Tie for lighter pressure, as instructed. The excess rope should be pulled through until there is approximately 12” between the tie ring and the halter. Every time the horse pulls back you should calmly pull the rope back through so that it is 12” long again.
  1. How do I teach my horse to tie up on the tether tie?
    It is a good idea to introduce your horse to the tether tie in the stable. First thread the rope, preferably about 9’ long, through the tether tie according to the instructions. This is very simple and you will quickly learn how to do it. Connect the tether tie to something strong and solid that won’t give way. A tie ring firmly attached to the stable wall is ideal. Encourage your horse to pull back by waving a plastic bag or similar. Each time the horse pulls back the rope will slowly allow run through the tether tie. Pull the excess rope back towards the horses head and try again. Each time you repeat this exercise the horse will pull back less and less. There is no such thing as an ‘average’ horse but we have found that most horses will learn to tie up quietly after about 3 or 4 pulls on the rope.
  1. Why does the tether tie work?
    The horse is a flight animal and is naturally claustrophobic. Faced with something frightening, his natural reaction is to try to run away. Anything that prevents this instinctive reaction can cause the horse to panic. The tether tie allows the horse sufficient freedom so as not to induce panic but not enough for him to get loose. When he realizes that he is not ‘trapped’ he will stop panicking and will tie up calmly and quietly.
  1. Can I use the tether tie in my trailer or lorry?
    Yes, the tether tie is ideal for use when travelling in a trailer or lorry. It is also perfect for tying up your horse to the side of the lorry or trailer whilst at a show. Some people clip them on to their saddle and hack to the pub!
  1.  Where else can I use the tether tie?
    Horse walkers, wash bays, whilst clipping, shoeing, grooming, veterinary examinations, etc. etc.
  1. Will my horse be able to undo the rope?
    No. The tether tie is ideal for the horse that insists on undoing the rope, even when it has been passed through the loop.  The only way the horse can get loose is by pulling the rope all of the way through. If the horse is introduced to the tether tie as suggested he will not bother. You will then be able to leave your horse unattended in a safe environment as long as there are no knots in your rope.

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