Liquid Titanium Ear Bonnet w. Sound Reducing Ears

Liquid Titanium Ear Bonnet w. Sound Reducing Ears

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Fenwick's Liquid Titanium Ear Bonnet produces calming effects for horses in a drug-free way.  This lightweight, breathable, therapeutic ear bonnet works by producing negative ions and Far Infrared Rays that penetrate the horse's body and activate molecules and body cells that produce a varying degree of warmth.  The stimulated blood flow creates a healing effect on the body.  This bonnet is a great tool for schooling competition horses that need to calm down and focus.


• Washable
• Sleek and fits nicely under bridle
• Therapeutic
• Calms and focuses the horse
• Will not shrink
• Comfortable to the horse
• Fast wicking
• 45% Liquid Titanium 

How it works:

• Improves blood circulation
• Increases metabolism
• Increases the production of nitric oxide
• Reduces lactic acid buildup
• Increases awareness and helps focus in a positive way





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