MagPatch for Humans by Equine Patch

MagPatch for Humans by Equine Patch

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Tennis Elbow

Frozen Shoulder

Joint Pain

Back & Neck Pain

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It Works

We offer an affordable reusable bipolar magnetic patch that works. Using 6 x 3400 GUASS Neodymium magnets. MagPatch is covered in a strong Neoprene material. This patch which is 100% non-invasive will help with the treatment and healing of all types of ailments. MagPatch can be placed to target a specific area, and is held in place by a bandage, tape or simply places inside your own support. 

How it works

Magnetic therapy is a long-used but little-understood use of magnetic fields for treatment of various medical conditions. It has been used in human medicine for a long time and has recently become more popular in treating animals. The magnets come in many sizes and strengths. Out Magnets contain four of the most powerful magnets available and are over twice the power of other products in the market. 

Magnetic therapies heal the body by restoring effective circulation and eliminating inflammation. Increased blood flow to a diseased part of the body encourages an increase in nutrients to that location, speeding up the healing process. While magnetic therapies cannot cure all medical problems, they are an inexpensive, non-invasive, and safe option to use in healing.