MIRoTEC Foal Kit

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For all equine breeders this emergency kit is a must have. The Foal Rug is fully lined with MIRoTEC space blanket technology, to warm, increase blood circulation and detoxify the weak and immature foal that is experiencing body heat loss.

By helping maintain the vital core temperature the Foal Rug also aids in the delivery of necessary tissue nutrients and the removal of waste products.

The Foal Survival Kit includes a Canvas Rug that provides additional insulation with a removable washable cotton liner, four-leg wraps, and a carry bag.

The leg wraps with MIRoTEC space blanket technology are used to provide support and stimulation to the foal’s limbs.


What is MIRoTEC?

MIRoTEC® is ‘space blanket technology’ used within our product range. This unique technology uses the body’s own heat for enhanced physical performance, effective prevention and the treatment of injuries.

“top horse trainers, breeders, sportsmen and medical experts recommend it!”

MIRoTEC utilises a micro-perforated, metallised reflective foil laminated to a supportive polyester substrate. When placed against the body MIRoTEC reflects infrared radiation and by reflecting heat boosts blood circulation whilst allowing water vapour and moisture to pass through the laminate.

The effects of reflecting back body heat are to increase tissue temperature, cause blood vessel dilation and increase the local circulation which aids the delivery of needed tissue nutrients and the removal of tissue waste products and toxins.

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