MIRoTEC Snug Neck Rug

MIRoTEC Snug Neck Rug

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Snug Neck Rugs are the warmest neck rug your horse will ever wear – equivalent to THREE ordinary rugs.

This means your horse or pony can just have on the one neckrug.  Suitable indoor or outdoor / stable use overnight.

The porous structure allows excess moisture to escape without allowing outside moisture in, the inner core reflects the horses’ natural heat back to ensure minimal heat loss even under extreme conditions. Self-regulating means you don’t have to decide how many blankets to put on

The Snug Neck Rug is for more general maintenance and thermal requirements in colder weather. Hence, the Snug Neck Rug has MIRoTEC strips inserted in wadding rather than a full MIRoTEC wrap.

May be used without a rug but are easier to retain in place and more effective when with one of the MIRoTEC rugs.

Please note: The neck rug is a slightly different shade to the rug itself, not very noticeable but there is a slight difference

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