MIRoTEC Snug Rug - Mini Size

  • $259.00

The SnugRug is a unique high-performance horse rug with a key difference to the Treatment Rug. Like the Snug Neck Rug, the SnugRug is for general maintenance of the horse and thermal requirements in winter. The SnugRug has MIRoTEC strips inserted in wadding rather than the adjustable full MIRoTEC panels. It is also (like the Tec Rug) used to assist in rehabilitation and healing, helping to aid the repair of soft tissue injuries, reducing inflammation and for pain relief but unlike the treatment rug it can be used full time.

The TecRug is the sister rug to the SnugRug but has a different application. The TecRug has more outdoor toughness being constructed with Rip Stop. It is also designed without wadding so that it is slightly cooler for use in the warmer/humid States of Australia (perfect for NZ summer months). 

The SnugRug was originally designed for stabled horses and/or very cold conditions. The SnugRug can be used successfully outside of the stable but it requires a light weight protective over-rug due to its quilted cotton structure. The inner lining is cotton with a large area of nylon to protect the horses shoulders. This means a protective bib to stop rubbing the shoulders is not required.

The self-regulating Mirotec SnugRug is equivalent to three ordinary blankets. SnugRug’s exceptional heat reflective properties encourage natural oils to be produced – promoting the horse’s coat in record time – dramatically reducing preparation time for shows.

One single lightweight SnugRug is all you need!

The porous structure allows excess moisture to escape without allowing outside moisture in, the inner core reflects the horses’ natural heat back to ensure minimal heat loss even under extreme conditions. Self-regulating means you don’t have to decide how many blankets to put on

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