MIRoTEC Tec Neck Rug

MIRoTEC Tec Neck Rug

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Can also be used to assist in rehabilitation and healing, helping to aid the repair of soft tissue injuries, reducing inflammation and for pain relief. Light weight and made from Rip-stop Cotton the TecRug is ideal for competition horses and ponies, left on overnight or worn prior to competition it provides a warming up of your equines body before your horse exerts itself in any manner whatsoever.

Want your horse to have better mobility and sport a superb coat? …..the stimulation of the blood circulation with the Mirotec TecRug has a marvelous effect on the horse’s coat and muscle tone, not to mention when using the TecRug you will not need to pile on rugs for warmth.

MIRoTEC® utilises ‘space blanket technology’ – “top trainers, breeders, sportsmen and medical experts recommend it!” Mirotec reflects infra-red radiation and by reflecting heat boosts blood circulation whilst allowing water vapour and moisture to pass through the laminate. The effects of reflecting back body heat are to increase tissue temperature, cause blood vessel dilation and increase the local circulation which aids the delivery of needed tissue nutrients and the removal of tissue waste products and toxins.

Use Mirotec’s ‘space blanket’ technology for heat reflective treatment that will promote physical performance and provide effective prevention and treatment of injuries:

Use for transportation. Horses arrive warm – helps stop them ‘tying up’
Use during endurance training or competition to help prevent ‘tying up’
Use for all types of warm-up exercise
Use to prevent hypothermia and increase detoxification, making the horse more comfortable after exercise
Assists in the treatment of back and shoulder injuries, arthritic joints that suffer from concussion from hard going

…thermal warmth helps to ease pain, stiffness, soothe sore or overused muscles.

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