*NEW* Plughz Bit-Wrap

  • $45.00

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Plughz Bit-Wrap is a self fusing tape to repair a bit, prevent bit pinching and even change the function of the bit. This super stretch wrap is a latex free, heavy duty, non-toxic polymer. There is no adhesive to bind so no residue is left behind. This self fusing wrap conforms to any bit shape. Comes in 2” x 36”.

  • Self Fusing

  • Latex Free

  • No Adhesive

  • 3 Time Stretch

NOTE: Once the wrap is adhere to itself you won’t be able to unwrap it. Bit-Wrap should last many rides depending on how many layers and how well you applied it and which style bit you are using. If you see signs that wrap is loosening, remove and reapply.


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