EA Mattes Poly-Flex Shims

EA Mattes Poly-Flex Shims

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Saddle pad shims are one of those items that are not glorious to shop for but when you need a set to help you fit your saddle, it’s good to have a pair on hand along with a half pad or full pad that can hold them.

The EA Mattes POLY-FLEX Shims are 5mm thick and are designed to be layered in the Mattes Correction Pads but fit many other pads that accept shims. Poly Flex Shims are very resilient to impact and breaking down. The material reduces the risk off a shim “bottom out” like foam or other materials. These EA mattes shims come in three varieties: Dressage cut shims, All purpose shims and Jumper cut shims. You can select what you want from the drop down.

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