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Stylistically accurate jumping and optimal mobility for horse and rider – that’s what you can expect from the Close Contact jumping saddle Portos. Its newly designed and extremely soft seat, combined with its narrow twist and flat panel with short rib, reduces the distance between horse and rider to the absolutely required minimum. This helps both partners to merge into a perfectly matched unit. The full grain, soft leather makes sure that the rider feels at ease from the very beginning. The Portos model, however, is not only highly functional, but also distinguishes itself by its fanciful elegance. This saddle is particularly recommended for those who fancy a supple and aesthetically pleasing light seat. This particular model is the Portos S deluxe with wool flocking. As standard, the Portos S deluxe is a foam packing.

Who's Riding in the Stubben Portos Saddles?
Want the low down on the elite riders in New Zealand and internationally who choose to use this saddle?

  • Vicki Wilson: Show Jumping champion, horse trainer, breeder, coach, elite horsewoman loves the Stubben Portos S jumping saddles.
  • Donna Smith: New Zealand eventing champion

FAQ's on Fitting, Buying and Care for Stubben Saddles:

I have heard that you cannot change the gullet on a Stubben saddle, is this correct?

No this is not correct- you are able to have the Stubben gullet changed but this can only be done using a special machine so it will need to be arrange through our Stubben saddle fitter.

What is the best care for my Stubben saddle?

It is really important that you take good care of your Stubben saddle to assist with longevity and maintaince of the saddle. We stongly recommend using only Stubben leather care products on your saddle as they have been formulated to provide the leather with the best care to keep it clean, supple and conditioned. You can purchase Stubben liquid saddle soap, Glycerine soap tubs and Hamanol conditioning balm from our stores.