Pro Groom Whitening Shampoo

Pro Groom Whitening Shampoo

  • $39.99

ProGroom Whitening shampoo for animals enhances and brightens. It will make all coats true colours shine and add luminosity.

The gentle but deep cleaning formula is good for all coat types and will leave coats smooth without overly softening.


  • Gentle thorough cleaning, leaving coat sparkling clean and luminous
  • Makes whites appear whiter and colours brighter
  • Neutralizes yellow discoloration
  • Will enhance the appearance of dull or damaged coats
  • Good for all coat types, will not overly soften coat
  • Will not irritate, gentle on skin
  • Easy rinse, soap-free formula
  • Long lasting fragrance soft summer scent
  • pH adjusted for safety and effectiveness

For example, to make 1 litre of shampoo using a 6:1 concentration product, you add 6 parts water + 1 part shampoo.

On average, depending on the condition of the animal’s coat, we recommend our shampoos be diluted approx 1-6,

this equals approx 145ml shampoo per litre of water.