Quick Knot 100 Pieces

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Watch the Quick Knot Video HERE!! 

Quick Knot is the new must-have tool for achieving professional, competition plaits. Taking the world by storm 

The clip is easy to use, and will save you time in preparation for competition, plus it’s as easy to remove and it is to put in!

The recommendation for optimal performance is one use per clip. While this is just the suggested usage, we have plenty of customers who have used them multiple times and are happy with the result.

  • Save a huge amount of time, every time!
  • Get professional and stunning results
  • Apply your plaits easily and effortlessly
  • Remove in seconds, not cutting or loosing mane like thread & scissors!


“The Quick Knot is an absolute life saver. They are quick and easy to put in and even quicker to take out! I never thought I would be able to say that plaiting down is now what takes the longest. They hold incredibly well and the plaits don’t move, so when Denise Rogan rides down that centreline I can rest easy knowing that they are not going to fall out.” – Emma Hale, Professional Groom to Dressage Rider Denise Rogan.

Available in Brown/Chestnut, Grey or White

Size: 100 pieces per pack.

Made in Holland

How to Guide: Step 1 – Make a plait

Step 2 – Role the plait up

Step 3 – Push the Quick Knot down through the back of the plait

Step 4 – Make sure the pointed end of the post comes out at through the centre of the plait

Step 5 – Turn the bottom of the Quick Knot post up to secure your perfect plait

Step 6 – To remove pull the Quick Knot, pull the end of the post down and remove from the top of your plait

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