Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet

  • $269.00

Available on order in a variety of sizes

Colour: Black/Black and Orange. 

Ring spun polyester with moisture management technology, printed with our Rambo Ionic Technology.  Ionic technology uses negative ions for positive results.  The rug releases negative ions when worn which are absorbed by the body. These neg ions react with positive ions in the bloodstream to increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles and soft tissue. It also helps to clear toxins from the body by stimulating the lymphatic system.  These in turn help to reduce swelling or inflammation in the body and promote recovery and relaxation. 

The fabric of the rug is highly wicking and durable so the rug can also be used while traveling, in the stable, before and after exercise to promote the wellbeing of the horse as well as an extra layer in colder weather for clipped horses to promote warmth without bulk.


Sam Watson - International Eventer - The Ionic sheet and the wraps are great. We use the leg wraps on a horse that's had an injury and they seem to have prevented extra swelling in the legs. The sheet is low maintenance, the horses wear it like they do a normal sheet and you can leave them in it as long as you want, not having to worry about them rolling in it or a battery running out.

Sarah - Physiotherapist - I regularly use the rug on horses I have in for treatment. I find it enhances the treatments I use and it thereby speeds up the horse's recovery rate. I find it beneficial for use before and after strenuous work and I think it's particularly efficient at helping horses flush out lactic and uric acid that builds up as a result of exercise. My own horse wears it to, from and during shows and shows no sign of stiffness even after a 3-day event.

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