Rambo Micklem 2 Competition Bridle

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Welcoming exceptional innovation with performance, the Horseware Micklem® 2 Competition Bridle is the anatomical comfort your horse needs in a bridle! Embracing a unique bridle design with an updated headpiece, the Micklem® Bridle eliminates pressure around your horse's sensitive poll and ears to alleviate discomfort and reduce tension. It has been created with an eco vegetable tanned leather which makes it soft and supple and has a very luxurious look.

Micklem reduces pressure from 5 points

  1. Poll & Ears
  2. TMJ area (Temporomandibular Joint)
  3. Sensitive nerve in front of face / cheek bone
  4. Protruding Molars and sensitive tissue inside the mouth
  5. Delicate tip of the nasal bone

Its clever design considers internal mouth comfort and dispels numbness issues in the lower face associated with unnecessary nerve pressure. The nose band further minimises any discomfort or breathing restrictions which can be associated with low fitting dropped nosebands. The bridle's intelligent design removes any possible discomfort and pain from under the tongue caused by unnecessary pressure leaving you with refined communication with your horse without pain.

Reins are sold separately and do not come with the bridle.

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