Stress Paste

  • $30.00

A concentrated 60ml nutritional formula designed to support your horses in times of acute stress. Such times may include when competing, racing, transporting or in extreme heat & humidity.


Acute stress affects horses in many ways. They stop eating. They stop drinking. Muscles can fatigue quickly with dehydration and can result in reduced nutrients available to support energy production.

Competitions, strenuous work, transport, illness, long days competing, extreme heat and humidity, extended times off feed or other major changes to your horses's normal routine can compromise gut health. Gut bacterial populations can shift. Muscles and organs can be damaged with higher rates of oxidative stress.

Behaviour can become anxious and highly strung, and this behaviour then starts the stress cascade all over again. They stop eating. They stop drinking… and so it goes.

Stress Paste is designed to specifically address each of these responses to stress and keep the horse eating and hydrated with well-functioning, well protected muscles. This is why it is complete with so many actives. Stress Paste is also designed to support the gut so it and it’s bacteria can remain healthy during higher stress periods.



“We have used Stress Paste prior to travel in elite-level Show Jumpers and eventers to maintain
hydration and GI integrity with unbelievable results.
Horses who are normally anxious and poor travelers as well as picky eaters away from home
arrived hydrated, calm, and ate as if they were at home. These horses performed even better than
expected and recovered noticeably better and more quickly than their rivals.
We also used Stress Paste on horses at events who had gone off feed and were in danger of not being able to compete due to dehydration and loss of condition. Within hours of receiving Stress Paste the horses ate and drank normally and were able to compete and win.
The brilliant thing about Stress Paste is that the horse can already be off feed and water and still
be dosed and the horse can be dosed easily during transport when often feeding and watering is
not feasible. This product is a brilliant addition to any horse travelling and competing or encountering any stress such as changing environment, heat, humidity, breaking in, weaning, etc.”

Dr Erin Roddy